Cambridge CELTA

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Course Description

This is an introductory course designed primarily for inexperienced teachers and is mainly concerned with the “how” of teaching. It is considered to be a solid foundation for teaching English as a foreign language. The course is recognised by EFL organisations world-wide and the certificate is the most highly respected of its kind in the world. The Cambridge Certificate requires an attendance of 120 hours over 4 weeks. The course offers methods of English language analysis which will develop the EFL teacher’s ability to make the language more meaningful to foreign learners at all levels. The course also aims to develop and broaden the prospective EFL teacher’s knowledge of language skills, correction techniques and pronunciation. In addition, it gives the teacher an ability to supplement and criticise available textbooks and materials, and to create their own. The presentation and practice of new language items are dealt with in detail and give the EFL teacher confidence in a variety of methods. Syllabus and timetabling are also covered on the course.